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Replacement of kitchen ceiling spotlight, replacement of electric shower and associated fuse box and the removal of 2 old electric wall bar fires.

The work was done efficiently and finished to a high standard. Chris and his apprentice were professional, polite and friendly and very helpful regarding the questions I had prior to and during the job. I would definitely recommend Core Electrics.

Smart Electrics

Home automation can be used to control basically any electrical equipment you have in your home.

From creating lighting scenes to switching on your coffee machine in the morning before you get up, the possibilities are limitless.

Most systems do not require any additional wiring to make it work; it's very much a plug and play system. The control signals are sent through the existing wires of your electrical system.

All you need is module which is suitable for the piece of electrical equipment you are trying to control. Then you need a transmitter like a remote control, timer, computer control etc. to send on/off signals to the module when you want it to operate


Firstly you'll need an app for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. The software allows you to control your devices from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. You need to download and install some server software on your PC or Mac computer, which needs a Wi-Fi internet connection.

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