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New electric shower.

Other problems caused my other builders made it bigger job. Chris was brilliant and kept costs low and I was consulted at each turn. Terrific team!

Bathroom Electrics

Bathrooms are classed as special locations, and therefore have to adhere to current building regulations.

Min IP44 (providing RCD present) for bathroom lighting 0.6m from Zone 1 (zone2)

IP65 for all zone 1 lighting (i.e. down-lights)

(We will usually install all IP65 Fire rated  (down-lights) with respect to bathrooms, just in case of future alterations of  the shower or bathroom layouts. The difference in price is minimal (a few pounds) and could save a lot of potential issues in the future.)

For Zone 0 (inside bath) this will require complete waterproof lighting.

Light switches will need to be on a pull chord (inside the bathroom) or located on the outside wall of the bathroom.

Extraction Fans will need to adhere to current building regulation extraction rates, and will also require an isolation switch to be sited outside the bathroom.

bathroom lighting

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